Acoustic Guitars

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Maybe You are a guitarist, a guitar-builder, or You are just fascinated by this instrument like I am since many years.Thirty years ago, when I finally felt matured sufficiently to build guitars, it had been the love for three things, that guaranteed my success: the love for music, the love for wood and last but not least the love for handcraft tradition. In guitar-manufacturing, these three elements lead to a unique unity. Every single guitar I realize represents an expression of this love and is therefore unique and lively in its nature.
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Acoustic Guitars

Where handicraft skills have not been replaced by calculable and commercial oriented computer-work, you will find bachmann guitars soul.. In his unique wooded bodies. Piece by piece, with great accuracy and always hand-made, every single instrument guarantees highest quality i...
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Bachmann e-guitars are lovingly created unique pieces, that convince through elegant forms, effective varnishing and high precision in the production.. including smallest details. The fine attitude and calibration of hardware and pick ups guarantee every instrument a unique pe...
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Bachmann bass guitars can be seen as the best combination of highest handicraft quality and accurate selection of high-quality wood. The individual production of every single piece makes it possible for us, to accomplish every personal customers' whish.. whether of sound o...
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